About Kula | One Unique Rum Spirit Deserves Another


Crafting rum spirits is an art
and we chose to reflect that in the design
of our bottle and branding.

Kula embodies the majesty of Hawai’i.

The name references a place and idea.
The bottle represents the spring mountains.
The lettering signifies traditional tattooing.

We have a unique spirit
and our own way of sharing it.

And so do you.

One unique spirit deserves another.


Kula means “open meadows”
in the Hawaiian language
and is where we craft our spirits.

Located on the sunny slopes of Haleakala,
Kula is a place that represents the land.

The lettering is an artistic expression
and customized version of fonts
used in classic or traditional tattooing.


Hawai’i boasts the tallest mountain on the planet from its sea basin to the peak.
Mauna Kea Volcano rises to 4205 meters (13,796 feet)
above the beaches along the Kohala coast of Hawaii’s Big Island.

The Hawaiian Islands are the exposed peaks of a great undersea mountain range
known as the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain.


Tattoos have been found on ancient
mummified remains from around the
world dating back 5,000 years.

Albeit, popularity of modern Western
tattooing owes its origins to Captain Cook
and his voyages to the South Pacific
around the 1770’s.

Description of the practice was derived
from the Tahitian word “tatau”
and introduced to the European languages
through Cook’s travels.